Six Tips for Getting a Quick Cheap Divorce

Getting a quick cheap divorce is now easier than ever thanks to the number of cheap online divorce services available. If you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse are seeking an uncontested divorce, and are still on “speaking terms”, then it is likely that your divorce will not cost as much as you think.

Here are six useful tips that will help you decide on the best way to get a quick cheap divorce:

1)Cheap divorce lawyer: While mediation and collaborative law can work in less contentious cases, there are some situations that will still require the use of an attorney.  The good news is, it is still possible to work with a cheap divorce lawyer.  Ask for referrals and be sure the attorney is familiar with family law in your area.  Also, you may be able to negotiate a low, flat fee instead of hourly rates.

2)Take a trip to the Dominican Republic: A Dominican Republic divorce is completely legal in the US and many other countries. The best part about this option is that it only requires one person to travel to the Dominican Republic and be present in court to get a quick cheap divorce.  For about $2,000, they will handle your paperwork and filing, including legal representation, in a process that takes less than an hour in court.  Final divorce papers are usually shipped to you within two weeks of returning home.

3)Use a mediator: If your divorce is a little more complicated than one that can be handled completely online, but you maintain a working relationship with your spouse, then the two of you may want to hire a mediator.  A mediator will work with both of you to find the best negotiated settlement, and avoid the nastiness of a drawn-out litigation.  If you can make the mediation process work, then you can easily achieve a quick cheap divorce. On average, hiring a mediator will cost a total of $5,000.

4)Collaborative Law for a quick cheap divorce: In certain cases, a mediator won’t work as well, and it is more sensible for each of you to have someone representing your interests.  With Collaborative Law, each party hires their own “mediator”, or lawyer to represent them in a formal mediation.  Here, the four of you will sit down with the goal of negotiating a fair settlement and a quick cheap divorce.  While this can be somewhat more costly than hiring one mediator (about $3,000 each), it is still far less expensive than becoming entrenched in a litigation

5)Look online for divorce forms: A number of web sites will prepare your divorce papers online, by state, and quickly deliver them to you.  For an uncontested divorce, check out sites like CompleteCase, Legal Zoom and DivorceFormz.  They charge anywhere from $25 to $250 for three-day delivery of your divorce papers, and some even include how-to guides for handling your divorce negotiations.

6)Handle your own divorce papers for a cheap quick divorce: Anyone who has been through a divorce will tell you that the paperwork is the most time-consuming part.  Whether you work with a cheap divorce lawyer, a mediator, or you choose to do the whole thing yourself online, learning how to do the paperwork yourself will make the process much faster.  The more you can do yourself, the less you will spend on your divorce.  Most online divorce web sites will offer support in handling negotiations and divorce paperwork as a part of their overall fee, which is always much cheaper than working things out in court.

However you choose to execute your divorce, any of the above options will be far less expensive than retaining a high-priced divorce lawyer.  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do your homework and you will find that a quick cheap divorce is easier than you think.

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  1. divorce attorney

    Try to settle the divorce outside the court .This way it will be more cheap.

  2. I agree,

    Always cheaper to settle outside the court.

    Thank you for the tip!


  3. Great tips you got there. It is imperative to make your filing for divorce a successful and cheap one (because it is very painful for your pockets). Good thing that there are better and less expensive options out there that couples could go to.

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